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A PROPOS 23 Avril 2024

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déposée le 02/08/2013

Date de départ souhaitée : 01/09/2013
Date d'arrivée souhaitée : 29/09/2013

Lieu de départ souhaité : NORUEGA
Lieu d'arrivée souhaité : CANARIAS

Type de navigation souhaité : Balade
Zone de navigation souhaitée : Transatlantique
Commentaire : Hi! I am looking for a ride on a ship from Norway (I am living currently in Bergen) to Canarias from the begining of September. I don't care how long the trip takes or to which island we get.
I am Spanish and also speak perfectly German and English. I could help on board with cooking, cleaning, or anything you might need. I can also help out with translations when we arrive to the spanish port.
I am 26 years old, and work as Tour Guide during the summer season in Norway. I am friendly, easy-going and very communicative! I also play guitar.

I hope there is someone out there that coan help me out with my plan! Please contact me

Cheers ;)


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